The Ohio Postal History Journal

The Society has published a quarterly Journal, with some gaps, since 1976.  Over time, past issues of the Journal (other than the most recent five years) will be posted here in digital form for your knowledge and enjoyment.  Many, but not all, issues of the Journal focus on a particular county.  

A free index is available covering issues through 2015.  Individual issue PDFs may be requested through the email contacts on this page until they are uploaded.

Books and Monographs

The Society has published several monographs and books over the course of its history.  The following are available from the Society:

  • Ohio Meters (Doug Kelsey)
  • Illustrated Postal History - Chillicothe, Ohio (Albert A. Brust, M.D.)
  • Ohio Development & Postal History 1790-1816:  The Exhibit and Legacy of Richard Parker (Richard Parker)

The following works were published by the Society but are now out of print.  They may be found for sale by philatelic literature dealers and otherwise on the secondary market.

  • Ohio Doanes (Bart Billings)
  • Ohio Machine Cancels (Bart Billings)
  • The Toledo Strip (Georg Ball)